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Still Serving: Chef Melissa Perello of Octavia

Join our team as we return to some of our earliest restaurant customers to see their Made In Cookware in action.

By Team Made In
Feb 7, 2024
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Our Still Serving series takes us to one of our earliest restaurant customers to see how their original Made In order is faring. Episode two takes us to new American restaurant Octavia, located in San Francisco and headed by acclaimed Chef Melissa Perello.

Chef Perello first walks us through a behind-the-scenes tour of Octavia, including Chef's favorite seat in the restaurant. Then, join us in the kitchen as she answers some of our most burning questions—like how long professional cookware should last and the most memorable guest she's ever cooked for.

Don't miss episode one that took us to Chef Philip Speer and Comedor, located in Austin, TX.

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